Sakai LMS Report

Collected using automated scripts and reviewed by experts for accuracy, this data set contains details about the Sakai LMS data described in this blog post. It is offered under a permissive license and at a price point of $249 for use throughout your organization to inform your understanding of LMS technology trends and to better serve your customers.

LMS Market Share Data

Client Stat has worked with organizations from the largest global educational technology vendors and textbook providers to small startups, non-profits, and independent learning tool creators. These organizations use our data to understand LMS adoption, upgrade and migration patterns, to inform LMS integration strategy, and to refine product support policies and training materials.

The data included in this report is the list of all schools that use Sakai as a primary LMS, with hosting and version information where available. It also provides which other LMSs each current Sakai institution uses and to which LMSs Sakai institutions have previously migrated.

A full report containing market share data for all LMSs is also available.

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