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Collected using automated scripts and reviewed by experts for accuracy, this data set contains details about the LMSs in use by more than 3500 US higher education institutions. It is offered under a permissive license for use throughout your organization to inform your understanding of LMS technology trends and to better serve your customers.

LMS Market Share Data

The data provided here is the spring 2024 subset of the LMS data discussed in Edutechnica's recent update of LMS market share data. A historical data set dating back to fall 2013 is also available.

Client Stat has worked with organizations from the largest educational technology and content providers to small startups, non-profits, and investment firms. These organizations use our data to understand LMS adoption, upgrade and migration patterns, to inform LMS integration strategies, and to refine product support policies and training materials. Click here for a sample. The work and analysis of our team has been featured in industry publications including Campus Technology, Inside Higher Education, EdSurge, and US News and World Report.

Many of our customers choose to import our data into their existing CRM systems and have found that our data is often better than their own. The only thing that we ask is to please don't redistribute the raw data outside of your organization.


For which schools is the data available?

The data set includes the primary LMS or LMSs used for all accredited higher education institutions in the US with greater than 500 full-time equivalent students (over 3500 schools).

Is there a sample file available?

This sample file provides an accurate representation of what the real data file looks like.

How often is the data collected & updated?

Throughout the year we continually compile the data, look for differences and anomalies, and thoroughly QA the data set.

How does this data compare to other similar efforts?

Other efforts rely primarily on survey samples and other manual data collection techniques. Ours relies heavily on an automated process that is repeated many times each year to obtain the most recent and up-to-date data - similar to how search engines index web pages.

If a school runs more than one LMS, is this reflected in the data?

For schools that run more than one LMS, we will remove any LMS for which it is clear, upon manual review, that it is used for only one instructor or class or program. Our goal is to provide the list of primary LMSs that are used across a college or institution.

What about pilot LMSs?

For schools that are running LMS pilots, we attempt to include this data in the report. When a pilot is known to conclude, we update that school's record to reflect the outcome. This is one reason why some schools are listed as using 2+ LMSs.

What is the price of this data set?

We charge $1899 for each point-in-time report and $3699 for a complete set of historical data. This means that you only have to purchase updates when needed and don't have to commit to an ongoing subscription.

What unique identifier do you provide for each school?

We include the Department of Education IPEDS id to correlate each record.

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