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Collected using automated scripts and reviewed by experts for accuracy, this data set contains details about the LMSs in use by more than 3600 US higher education institutions. It is offered under a permissive license for use throughout your organization to inform your understanding of LMS technology trends and to better serve your customers.

LMS Market Share Data

Client Stat has worked with organizations from the largest educational technology and content providers to small startups, non-profits, and investment firms. These organizations use our data to understand LMS adoption, upgrade and migration patterns, to inform LMS integration strategies, and to refine product support policies and training materials. The work and analysis of our team has been featured in industry publications including Campus Technology, Inside Higher Education, EdSurge, and US News and World Report.

Many of our customers choose to import our data into their existing CRM systems and have found that our data is often better than their own. The only thing that we ask is to please don't redistribute the raw data outside of your organization.


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